Innovation cluster

In the Saxony-based innovation cluster HZwo, companies and research institutions from Saxony have joined together to optimize the cooperation between academic research and business and to increase the innovative power of companies.


HZwo – Antrieb für Sachsen provides

  • the balanced cooperation of both Saxon SMEs and large companies,
  • the development of new products and processess
  • sharing expertise and productions facilities of research institutes such as Chemnitz University of Technology or the Fraunhofer Institutes IWU and ENAS,
  • reducing significant investments risks beforehand
  • expert advice in the fields of fuel cells, automotive technology and green hydrogen

The cluster is run by the association HZwo e. V. in order to facilitate increased interaction and cooperation between participants in the cluster.


The establishment of an entire FC and H2 value chain
The cooperation partners HZwo e.V. and Energy Saxony e.V. provide expert advice for the cluster participants in the field of fuel cells, automotive technology and green hydrogen. Due to the content-related intersection, this results in considerable synergy effects.

Both associations create the basis for the cluster structure, which covers the entire value chain from hydrogen production to fuel cell vehicles in Saxony and is intended to link all relevant actors in Saxony. In addition, the activities of both associations cover the management of the cluster, project activity and public relations.


Energy Saxony e. V.

Our partner association manages the field of green hydrogen.

Energy Saxony is a business-oriented energy technology network that aims to drive forward the development and commercialization of future cutting-edge technologies in the fields of energy technologies, electro mobily and digitazion.

The association has set itself the task of transforming the innovation potential of Saxon companies and research institutions into joint projects and applications for the benefit of society, thereby strengthening the Free State of Saxony as a pioneering, competitive energy and business location.


Core objectives

  • the development of new user groups for green hydrogen
  • by targeted networking of actors
  • analysis of concrete substitution potentials in benchmark projects
  • the analysis and transformation of business models
  • improve the general acceptance of hydrogen technology
  • simplified approach of potential customers and other interested parties