Project Initiative HZwo Frame

The project initiative HZwo Frame covers the development area from the field of fuel cell vehicles. In total, 17 individual projects are to be initiated. HZwo Frame is financed by the EFRE funding of the Free State of Saxony.  The innovation cluster HZwo supports the FRAME initiatives in terms of targeted public relations and the networking between the participating companies.

The projects are placed along the entire value chain from the fuel cell stack through the system to the electric vehicle powertrain. They complement each other and are accompanied by the Saxon innovation cluster HZwo. This makes it possible view at the entire system holistically and to optimize it jointly in terms of energy and cost efficiency and allows a simultaneous development of new products, processes and services.


The HZwo FRAME projects cover the fields of

  • fuel cell technology
  • vehicle drives
  • production and production technology
  • special machine and plant construction
  • sensor technology
  • control engineering
  • data processing and
  • intelligent systems.


Thus, a project-spanning Saxon value creation network is to be created.


Project Group 1: Fuel cell stack and components (tba)

Project Group 2: Fuel cell system and components

Projekt Group 3: Digitization and flexible production (tba)