AM Metals GmbH

  • Contact Person: Managing Director: Dr.-Ing. Florian Wendt / Director Engineering/Sales: Matthias Gehmlich
  • Phone: 03731 27450-99
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3D Metal Printing – AM Metals GmbH, located in Halsbruecke, is your partner for development and technology transfer in the wide range of 3D printed applications. We support you down the road of the entire process chain. Starting at the first draft of implementing ideas we developed together, including 3D printing at EOS systems, up to ready to build in parts. Here, we are focused at 3D printing as well as the complete process chain. This includes machining and finish processes. Our outcome, based on personal know-how of our project leaders in correlation with high-technology systems, will mostly result in novel parts and solutions. The 3D printing itself offers high potential, because of eliminating production wise limits. Material obstacles can be cleared by application specific material qualification. All these possibilities together offer an efficient development and production process of 3D printed metal parts. Totally independent if you like to get prototypes, individual parts or batches. At any case, this will be your entrance into a new generation of products. We are offering: Technology consulting | Product and part development | Projectmanagement of the entire process | Production-oriented development | Simulation & optimization | Customer specific material qualification | 3D Digitalization | Reverse Engineering | 3D Printing | Process development for 3D printing | Prototypes, individual parts or batches | Polish (pipe) | Optical roughness measurement | Optical surface measurement | Heat treatment | CNC processing