Das war die Clean Hydrogen Convention 2023

 Am 25. und 26. Oktober 2023 fand die erste Clean Hydrogen Convention in Dresden statt. Mit insgesamt 10 Panels und Gast-Veranstaltungen, 30 Panellisten, 35 Vorträgen … read more →

HZwo Sommerfest im Kraftverkehr Chemnitz

Am  14. Juni 2023 findet wieder das traditionelle HZwo Sommerfest statt! FEIERN SIE MIT UNS! Es liegt Grillduft in der Luft … am 14.6.2023 laden … read more →

Kongress der Wasserstoffantriebe – Congress of Hydrogen Powertrains

The Congress of Hydrogen Powertrains is the first professional conference with a hands-on technology exhibition. Organized by the national transformation hub cH2ance for the automotive … read more →

Help needed!

Sachsen setzt auf Wasserstoff! HZwo ist der sächsische Technologiecluster rund um die Themen Brennstoffzelle und grünen Wasserstoff und betreut ein umfassendes Wertschöpfungsnetzwerk im Freistaat. Wir … read more →

Become an exhibitor at the Clean Hydrogen Convention!

The Clean Hydrogen Convention, organized by HZwo and Energy Saxony, will take place for the first time on October 25th and 26th, 2023, at the … read more →

Project Kick-Off on Hannovermesse!

Kick-Off des Projektes cH2ance Transformationshub ℹ️ Es ist soweit! Wir richten die Kick-Off Veranstaltung des Projektes cH2ance Transformationshub am 18.4.2023 auf der Hannover Messe aus! … read more →

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Welcome to HZwo!

The Saxony innovation cluster for fuel cell and hydrogen technolgy

Our Mission

A Saxon Value chain for fuel cells and hydrogen

The innovation cluster HZwo initiates and supports research and development around the topics of fuel cells and green hydrogen as well as the development of a comprehensive value creation network in Saxony. The production of fuel cells, ranging from material selection to distribution, should be carried out in compliance with the resource-saving, ecologically and economically sustainable management.

  Early Access to new markets

HZwo enables its cluster participants an early access to future sales markets and thus a technology advantage in order to sustainably secure Saxony's future as a high-tech location. In addition to the classic areas of automobile production, such as transmissions and compressors, fuel cell vehicles also offer a market potential for companies of other Saxon branches.

  Building expertise in a High Tech Knowledge Field

The results generated by the cluster’s rearch projects contribute to the bundling of fuel cell expertixe and should build a new industrial sector in Saxony. Saxon key competences for the sectors will be strengthened directly or indirectly: Mobility, Life Science, Mechanical Engineering, Microelectronic and ICT, Environmental and Energy Technology.