SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH

  • Contact Person: Martin Florstedt
  • Phone: 0371 - 4708 241
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For more than 30 years, SITEC has been a globally respected system supplier for automated high-tech production systems and a partner for the series production of assemblies and precision parts. We rely on proven processes such as laser material processing and automated assembly – focused on process reliability, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

The first installation for the production of bipolar plates left our plant already in 2006. We offer scalable production systems worldwide, ranging from manual to fully automated systems. Since 2012, SITEC manufactures bipolar plates (PEM, SOFC, SOEC) according to its customers fuel cell design. Bipolar plates welded at SITEC can be found in hydrogen-based electric drives, in stationary fuel cells or in electrolyzers.

Our work is characterized by a synergy of many years of technological expertise, the creative drive of our employees and efficient mechanical engineering. The efficient solution of your tasks is our goal in the production of high-quality, efficient and durable products in certified quality – “Made in Germany”.