• Contact Person: Geschäftsführer Dr. Andreas Ebert
  • Phone: +49 37296 9228-0
  • E-Mail: info[at]wesko-gmbh.de
  • Website: wesko-gmbh.de

Operating in the business units of tool and mold making, injection molding and testing technology, we are a reliable partner for our customers as a full-range supplier providing engineering, tooling, prototyping, injection molding series production and special solutions:

  • Tool and mold making: development, production, assembly and service, especially of injection molding tools, including multi-component and micro injection molding


  • Injection molding parts production: especially technical parts made of thermoplastics including overmolding and assemblies, possibly with increased cleanliness requirements


  • Testing technology: Development, production, assembly and service of test adapters / special connectors as process-reliable and long-lasting test adapters for various electrical or mechanical test applications individually according to customer requirements


We currently serve customers within electrical engineering, automation technology, automotive (combustion and e-mobility), medical technology, optical industry, etc. Our main focus concentrates on solutions in the field of high precision and technologically challenging processes such as multi-component or micro injection molding with special capabilities in the area of ​​connectivity / connectors, overmolding or housings for electrotechnical applications.