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Hydrogen Days 2022 and Czech-German Hydrogen Day

Recently, Czechia, Germany, Bavaria and Saxony launched their hydrogen strategies. These strategies outline
priorities and future measures to develop hydrogen technologies and infrastructure, thus addressing the
transformation towards a carbon-neutral economy.

The Czech Republic and Germany feature a similar industrial infrastructure,
with a prominent role for the automotive sector. Moreover, both of them are currently facing a transformation
of their heavy and coal mining industries. This is why several regional initiatives in both countries
are currently exploring new economic potential via the establishment of a hydrogen industry, e.g. by participating in
the EU initiative of “Hydrogen Valleys”.
The Czech-German Day is part of the annual Czech Hydrogen Days. It will take stock of what has been achieved
so far and seek to identify areas of common interest. Most importantly, it shall serve as a platform for important
stakeholders and businesses, including a separate matchmaking session, with particular emphasis on the cross-border